Pad Printing

Pad printing is a versatile method of imprinting on irregular shaped items. It is a process in which a silicone pad picks up an image from a cliche and transfers it to an item. PMS matching is available with this imprinting method.

  • Pad-Printed-Dot-white-Cadreon-logo
  • Skyy Vodka Logo on Beats Solo Headphones
    "Beats" Solo" headphones branded with Skyy Vodka logo.
  • Drone with Viacom Logo
    White drone branded with Viacom logo in blue.
  • pad-printed_fitbit
    Fitbit branded with pad printed NBA logo
  • Pad printed Amazon Echo
    Branded Amazon Echo
  • pad printed boxing gloves
    Pad printing is versatile!
  • pad-print_eyecase
  • pad-print_fox-candle
  • pad-print_paninin
  • pad-print_gopro
  • Pad-Printed-Skull-Headphones-w-Cruzan-Rum-logo
  • pad-print_marley-speaker-redbull
  • pad-print_shot-glass2
  • pad-print_urbanears
  • pad-print_weights
  • Pad Printed urbeats earphones pouch
    CNN logo pad printed in red, branding Urbeats earphones pouch.
  • pad-print_survival
  • pad-print_headphones
  • Amazon Dot pad printed with Cadreon logo in orange
  • Skyy Vodka logo pad printed in white on Beats Solo Headphones
  • Viacom logo pad printed in blue on white drone.
  • Orange Fitbit with pad printed white NBA logo.
  • Amazon echo branded with pad printed white logo.
  • Vinyl boxing gloves branded with pad printed logo.
  • Cruzan Rum logo pad printed in white on  black Skull Headphones
  • Pad printed urbeats pouch, branded with red CNN logo.
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