UV 4-Color Digital Printing

If you need a four-color logo on a flat surface, this is the decorating method to use! This digital printing technology uses ink cured by Ultra Violet light and can render vibrant colors. PMS matching is available.

  • UV-Printed-Pie-Plate-Macys-Flower-Show
    All it takes is creativity!
  • UV-Printed-Yeti-Roadie
  • UV-Printed-Echo-w-Discovery-Comm-logo
  • UV Printed JBL Headphones
    Any headphone can be decorated!
  • UV Printed JBL Clip Speaker
    UV Printed multi color logo on JBL Clip speaker.
  • Keyboard with UV Printed logo
    Keyboard space bar branded using UV Printing process
  • UV-Printed-Yeti-Roadie-w-STI-logo
  • UV Printed Lava Stone
    Lava stone branded with UV printed logo.
  • Four Color UV Printed Amazon Kindle
    UV Four Color Digital printing brings out vibrancy of logo!
  • UV Printed JBL Speaker
    Slightly rounded objects can be UV printed as with this JBL speaker.
  • UV Printed Charger
    USB charger UV printed on two sides.
  • UV Printed JBL Headphones
    JBL headphones band branded using UV four-color printing process.
  • 4-color Macy's Flower Show America the Beautiful logo UV printed on pie plate.
  • Logo UV Printed on Yeti Roadie Cooler
  • UV Printed Amazon Echo
  • JBL headphones with UV-printed Milwaukee Bucks logo.
  • Orange JBL Clip speaker with multi-color UV printed NBA logo.
  • Black keyboard space bar with two color UV printed Disney and ESPN logos
  • STI Firestop logo UV printed on lid of Yeti Roadie Cooler
  • ESPN logo UV printed in red on Lava stone.
  • Amazon Kindle branded with four-color UV printed Azteca logo.
  • Merkle RKG logo UV printed on JBL speaker screen.
  • USB charger branded on two sides with UV cured ink.
  • Four color UV printed Pistons logo on JBL Headphones
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